Between the Cracks

Slow Down and Take a Closer Look

Throughout the entirety of my life I have always been fascinated by the small plants and creatures that are abundant here in West Virginia. I came to the realization early on that you don’t have to travel far to find something beautiful. If you only step into your backyard and take a closer look you will find that the entire world is full of wonderful things right under your nose. They get overlooked because they are around us all the time and have fallen between the cracks of our lives.

Several years ago I decided to do myself a favor and examine these wonders more closely. I made a promise to myself that I would take at least one photograph each day  of something that I thought was beautiful or fascinating. All of these photographs are taken with just a simple phone camera. The idea is to show everyone, as well as myself, that anyone can step outside and find something amazing as long as we are willing to slow down and take a closer look.

Prints Available

See Something You Like?

Any of the photography images on this page are available for purchase in a high quality print. Just let me know which ones you like and what sizes you are looking for.

5×5″ prints $8

8×8″ prints $16