There are certain things in the lives of every person that we perceive as perfect and eternal. These are the things that keep us anchored in life, the things we can count on when everything else is in turmoil. Everyone needs this whether it is a parent or a best friend, a lover or even your own self-perception. Any number of things can fulfill this basic need for something to fall back on and it is certainly different for each of us. These are the things we need and also, by their very nature, the things we take for granted.

No matter how flawless or perpetual these things may be to us, they still need to be taken care of and nurtured from time to time. Once the tiniest crack forms it creates an opening for decay to set in. Any corrosion needs to be tended to swiftly before the deterioration is too extensive to repair. Pay attention because nothing is forever unless we are forever vigilant. The things we take for granted are those which we miss the most when they are gone.